A community-wide exploration of Shakespeare's most famous play

FEB. 4 UPDATE: With 10 days to go in our campaign, the Delaware Humanities Forum has awarded a $2,905 grant to our "I Am Hamlet" Project! (Much thanks to the DHF!)  Now it's up to you to help us fully fund the program! Learn more about the project below, share with your friends, and help us bring Hamlet out to the streets of Delaware!



Blowhard mentors. Crushing parental expectations. Old college friends with questionable loyalty. Jealous rivals.


Love. Anger. Confusion. Self-doubt.


And the big questions: When to fight? When to flee? When to act? When to just ... be?


I Am Hamlet, and Hamlet is me.


More than 400 years later, it's still easy to get inside Hamlet's head, because Hamlet still lives today.


We here at the Delaware Shakespeare Festival are incredibly excited to produce Hamlet this summer (July 11-27 at Rockwood Park!), but there's so much to talk about in this play, so much that's relevant to the world and to Delaware, that we can't wait for July.


And that's why we're launching the "I Am Hamlet" Project.


Through the "I Am Hamlet" Project, we plan to take Hamlet to the people of Delaware, from classroom workshops to retirement home discussions, from on-the-street interviews to the Twitterverse. We want to explore the themes of Hamlet that resonate strongly with Delawareans, sparking a conversation that will hopefully lead to self-reflection in ourselves and in our community. At the end, we plan to bring it all together in a big public forum, an "I Am Hamlet" Project town hall at Wilmington University.


To do all that, we need your help. We've applied for some grants to help fund the project, but we need to raise additional money to pay for the travel, the spaces, the technology and the time to bring the "I Am Hamlet" Project to life. (For more details on the project, please visit the Delaware Shakespeare Festival website.) Please share our page, contribute anything you can (every little bit helps, truly), and join us this spring as we say: "I Am Hamlet."


Special thanks to all our Hamlets who donated their time for our video, including:


Paula Janssen, Janssen's Market in Greenville

Norvel Pelle, Power Forward with the Delaware 87ers

Eric Aber, Chef/Owner of Home Grown Cafe in Newark

Tina Betz, Executive Director of the Light Up The Queen Foundation




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