To raise $8000 that will help cover Janet’s medical expenses

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UPDATE 9/13/12 from Team Janet - It is with a sad and heavy heart that we announce that Janet Liang passed away on the morning of 9/12/12. We had originally intended for the money to help with Janet's medical and care-related expenses that were not covered by her insurance. However with the recent turn of events, the money raised will go towards honoring Janet's legacy. 50% of the raised funds will go to Asians for Miracle Marrow Matches (A3M),  an organization and whose mission Janet cared deeply about and to whom Team Janet is grateful for, for all their help in the past 3 years. The other 50% will go to Janet's parents for them to use towards outstanding medical expenses, funeral costs, and to set up a scholarship fund in Janet's name, another expressed wish of our dear friend.
In memoriam of Janet Liang, a memorial will be held:

Janet was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) in 2009 at age 22 while studying at UCLA. She endured 8 rounds of high-dosage chemotherapy. In June 2010, she left the hospital in complete remission and began a regimen of maintenance therapy that kept her cancer-free for a year and a half.

Unfortunately, Janet relapsed in December 2011 and was told her best chance for survival was to receive a bone marrow transplant from an unrelated adult. The odds of minorities finding their marrow matches are so slim that Janet turned to YouTube in desperation, uploading an emotional plea for help that quickly went viral. Through the power of social media, Janet’s story reached people in the Americas, Asia, Europe, and Australia, and thousands of people spread her message in the hopes of finding her a bone marrow match. After 300+ drives, 20,000+ new registrants, and 18 matches for other patients found, Janet finally found her own miracle match. Her generous donor will remain anonymous to her for a year, but she is incredibly thankful for the chance to celebrate a second birthday and make plans for her future. Janet now needs your help. One of her parents is always with her in Texas, which means their household income has effectively been cut in half. Although the transplant itself is covered by insurance, her care-related expenses continue to accrue. Janet takes multiple medications on a daily basis; she pays a high insurance premium; she must pay for food, bills, and lodging in Houston, TX for herself and her caregivers; and will soon have to purchase her own insurance when she turns 26 in January. Please help Janet continue to receive the care she needs. Please help her raise $8,000 to offset medical costs insurance does not cover. Your generosity is deeply appreciated. Reward Descriptions

Paper crane & Thank you note An ancient Japanese legend promises anyone who folds 1000 origami cranes a wish or recovery from illness or injury. An origami crane personally folded by a member of Team Janet is our way of thanking you for the hope you give Janet with your generous donation.

Perfect 10 concert poster
Held on Memorial Day 2012, Team Janet’s Perfect 10 Benefit Concert was a night of music, comedy, bone marrow donor registration, and testimonials from donors and transplant recipients. Whether you attended or not, our custom-made posters feature an inspirational design by Los Angeles-based artist, Jeromy Velasco, that will light up your wall.

Sincerely Ink Card of Janet and Paco
Through the generous donations of Sincerely, maker of creative smart phone app Sincerely Ink (www.sincerely.com/ink), we will send you a picture-turned-postcard of Janet and her adorable dog Paco, which is also Team Janet's mascot, as well as a message from Janet. They thank you for your generous donation.

Helping Janet T-shirt
Two designs (Subject to availability):
1. Dancer/singer/entertainer Victor Kim’s trademark “LOVE” logo adorns this shirt as Janet holds a card up.
2. Fear To Faith’s color design shirt features Janet with her beautiful smile. Please indicate your t-shirt size when you make your donation.
Printed Helping Janet Photo Album For our scrapbook aficionados, you can receive a printed photo album of pictures of Janet and Team Janet at various drives, events, or just having fun - a memento of Janet and the team’s journey and support. You may just see yourself in there!

One hour portrait session by Fern Lee Photography
Fern Lee, a member of Team Janet, Janet’s friend, and a professional photographer (www.fernlee.com), is offering a 1 hour portrait session. Valid in California only.

Engraved iPod shuffle with Janet's personal playlist
For your generous donation, you can receive the ultimate reward of an engraved iPod shuffle with Janet’s personal playlist. Enjoy the music that Janet loves!

Special Thanks to:

Mr. Bill Imada and Asians for Miracle Marrow Matches (A3M) for making this crowdfunding campaign possible! Thank you to A3M for all of their hard work to save lives and being such a great ally of Team Janet! Please be sure to REGISTER AS A BONE MARROW DONOR if you have not done so already by going to www.asianmarrow.org orwww.marrow.org.