Amount Raised: $17,255

Amount Raised: $13,141

Two organizations. Three years in a row.
Six successful “all-or-nothing” campaigns.

Nothing challenges your supporters to dig deep, spread the word, and support your campaign like an all-or-nothing campaign.

Donors pledge support, but if the goal isn’t reached, their donations are never processed.

Either everything is raised, or nothing is raised.

Why take that risk?

“I think there is an incentive for donors to get excited about a campaign and have a bit more urgency as well. We’re in a position where we need to raise money and raise it quick, based on the deadline.”

- Alec Golini, Athlete’s C.A.R.E.

Does this actually work?

It has for Athlete’s C.A.R.E. and the Throughline Theater. Each organization has successfully completed three consecutive annual all-or-nothing campaigns. Those campaigns have allowed them to make an impact in their community.

“It’s a great feeling. We see the shelters that benefit from us directly. We go in and assess their needs ahead of time, then we’re able to provide them with a sum of money for their needs”

- Alec Golini, Athlete’s C.A.R.E.

Raising more money and reaching new donors

A successful fundraising campaign not only collects donations, but reaches new donors who could potentially support your organization across the long-term. WeDidIt’s online campaigns are optimized for social sharing, increasing the reach of organizations as they raise funds.

“We’re getting new donors every year, which is something we pride ourselves on,” says Golini, “It’s a key point of focus when we talk to anyone.”

WeDidIt captures donor data, letting organizations like Athlete’s C.A.R.E. and The Throughline Theater grow their support base year after year.

“I had more donors this year than any other year and 30% of them were brand new donors for us,” says Sears.

“The money we raise allows us to put on shows and give exposure to our volunteer performers. We can use the theater as a platform to give exposure to the actors who work so hard to build their careers. It allows us to do what we love, which is entertaining.”

- Sean Sears, Director of Individual Giving,
Throughline Theater

Throughline Theater's annual all-or-nothing campaigns help them put on four performances a year.

Beyond fundraising tools, WeDidIt offers fundraising knowledge

With WeDidIt’s easy to set up crowdfunding pages, both organization’s could quickly create high-converting campaigns in a matter of minutes. But where Athlete’s C.A.R.E. and Throughline Theater really found value was the online fundraising expertise WeDidIt provides.

“The support that we’ve gotten directly from WeDidIt has been awesome. We’ve been in a position where we prepared our campaign ahead of time, with lots of planning. This helped make our campaign successful,” explains Golini.

Between our dedicated fundraising coaches and the new WeDidIt Academy , WeDidIt offers best-in-class customer support and education, helping you stay on top of the ever-changing world of online fundraising.

“One of the strengths was the help and training they give you,” says Sears. “That’s why I keep using WeDidIt, they taught me all the strategies we use in the first place.”

Meeting (and Exceeding) Goals

Crowdfunding success isn’t luck; it’s a predictable, repeatable process. With the right tools and preparation, scalable growth is possible.

As Golini explains, “Athletes C.A.R.E. is an organization run by athletes, who are goal-driven people. Every athlete you talk to has that mindset of having a goal in mind. Having a fundraising campaign that matches that mindset is powerful and allows us to challenge ourselves. It helps us make a significant impact in a short amount of time.”

Pairing the knowledge you need and powerful technology tools with a proven track record of success, WeDidIt helps your nonprofit grow by making fundraising smarter.