Fundraising just got smarter, not harder.

Used by the top nonprofits in the world, WeDidIt helps you empower anyone to fundraise on your behalf, anywhere at anytime.

Leading organizations depend on our platform.

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Fundraise anywhere, anytime with our secure mobile app. Forget pledge sheets and credit card swipers. Staff members, volunteers and even previous donors can fundraise on your behalf. No hardware needed, just a smartphone or tablet.

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We analyze your data so that you can make better fundraising decisions. Learn to deliver the content that will bring you more donations each time you post to facebook or send out an email. Our analytics dashboard automatically analyzes and displays which channels bring you the best fundraising results.

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“...we had a different challenge in that we had a donor base that didn't use online technology. Our donors average age was 60 plus year old. We had to work hard to educate them on how to donate online. WeDidIt played an important role in that and as a result, we were able to get many who had never donated online to donate.”

National Veterans Network was able to raise over $110,000 of their $100,000 goal, with $82,575 in online donations through the WeDidIt platform. This came from 322 believers with an average donation size of $256.44.


"...developing a day-by-day plan, writing all of our e-blasts and outreach copy, the whole concept of a satellite team and how to reach out to them, the prizes, you name it … Ya’ll held my hand and oversaw the entire process. Thank you!"

With WeDidIt’s help, The BOMA Project successfully raised 173% of their original goal through online fundraising. They now have $40K to put towards their Drive for Change Campaign. In addition, they gained new fundraising skills by running a 100% mentored campaign with WeDidIt.